Customer FAQ

Artist FAQ

  1. How do I apply to exhibit my artwork at UGallery?
    Visit to fill out an application for exhibition.
  2. I am trying to apply, but it says my email address is already in use. What should I do?
    This means you have registered with us before as a customer or an artist. You may apply using a different email address, or contact us at and we will delete your existing account.
  3. Can artists living outside of the United States apply?
    Yes! We do exhibit international artists, however, due to shipping logistics the application process is more selective for artists living outside of the United States. When a work is purchased, our international artists must professionally package and ship the art themselves and submit receipts for reimbursement. If you have experience shipping internationally we encourage you to apply. Please note that we cannot work with artists who live in countries that are embargoed by the U.S government. These countries include but may not be limited to: Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and the Crimea region of Ukraine.
  4. What does the application entail?
    The application is a simple, four-step process that takes about 10-15 minutes. We ask for your contact information, artistic background, and 10 digital images of your artwork. There is also a non-refundable $5 application fee through PayPal.
  5. Why is there an application fee?
    We receive hundreds of applications every week. Charging a small fee helps us ensure that the artists who apply are serious and committed. Please note, the application fee is non-refundable regardless of whether or not you are invited to show your work.
  6. Why ask for my birthday on the application?
    We need to ensure that you are old enough to legally sell your work with us.
  7. Do you show art by deceased artists?
    No, we only work directly with living artists.
  8. What kind of artwork do you show?
    We exhibit original art in every genre, style, size, and media with the exception of video art. All work is vetted by our curators before going on display. Our goal is to offer clients a diverse selection of two- and three-dimensional media. We do not show reproductions of original pieces, such as giclées.
  9. What is your commission structure?
    We split the sale of artwork 50/50. We cover all of the costs of packaging and shipping the work.
  10. Do you offer printing services for photographers and digital printmakers?
    We offer high quality archival printing services to our photographers and printmakers who work in digital formats. We also handle the shipping of these prints.
  11. How will you market my art?
    We manage a large online marketing campaign, complete with retargeting ads, SEO, and SEM. We have a successful public relation strategy (see our press page), a thriving email list, plus an ever-growing blog and social media following. In addition, we maintain a physical presence at art fairs and our own events. If you exhibit with us, you may be invited to participate in special projects or press opportunities. We are very hands-on with the select group of artists we represent.
  12. How long has UGallery been in business?
    We opened our virtual doors in October 2006 and have continued to grow ever since. We’ve sold art to clients in every U.S. state and 50 countries around the world.
  13. Where is UGallery based?
    Our office is in San Francisco, but we are primarily a virtual gallery. If you’re in SF, you may get a chance to meet us face-to-face!
  14. How many artists does UGallery represent?
    We currently represent around 350 artists.
  15. If I exhibit my work at UGallery, may I seek other gallery representation?
    We require exclusivity on the artworks shown on the UGallery site, and we will recommend limiting your use of online art marketplaces. However, we encourage you to pursue brick-and-mortar gallery representation while showing with UGallery. This increases the exposure of your work and your chances for success.
  16. How long does my artwork need to remain exclusive to UGallery?
    Each artwork that you show on UGallery needs to be exclusive to us for the entire time we represent the piece. An artwork can be removed from the website with two weeks' notice, but only after that artwork has been on the website for at least three months. Artists may not remove artwork from their portfolios during their first six months showing with UGallery.
  17. How should my artwork be finished for UGallery?
    All artwork must be finished professionally before you photograph it for the site. That means the edges should be cleanly finished, and artwork on stretched or cradled surfaces must be wired for hanging. For artworks that are longer than 36 inches, stretcher bars must be at least 1.5 inches deep. Unfortunately we cannot accept stretched canvases with staples in the sides. Staples on the back are acceptable as long as they are not visible when the artwork is hung on the wall.
  18. Does UGallery sell framed artwork?
    We prefer to sell artwork unframed. This allows clients to select frames that suit their decor, or to display the work unframed if preferred.
  19. What happens when an artwork sells?
    Once your art is sold, you will receive an email notifying you of the sale. Our U.S. and Canadian artists working in two-dimensional formats will receive custom art boxes to package their work. U.S.-based artists also receive prepaid FedEx labels. International artists and three-dimensional artists will provide their own packaging and shipping labels, and will be reimbursed for their expenses. Our artists are not responsible for shipping and packaging costs.
  20. Can clients living outside of the United States purchase my art on UGallery?
    Yes! We have many international customers.
  21. What happens if an artwork is damaged in transit?
    We ship all artwork in custom-built art boxes lined with high density foam to ensure safe transit. In the rare case of damage, we work directly with FedEx to file a claim on your behalf. We insure every artwork we ship for its full value.
  22. What is UGallery's return policy?
    We offer a seven-day money-back guarantee so clients can try out artwork in their homes. Our return rate is less than 5%. If a piece gets returned, we will pay to ship the piece back to you.
  23. When and how do I get paid for sold artwork?
    We pay artists 30-40 days after an artwork is delivered to the client. Artists located in the United States may choose to be paid via direct deposit or Venmo, and international artists may select PayPal or wire transfer.
  24. How do I report my UGallery earnings for tax purposes?
    You will be responsible for reporting your income through UGallery on your own. Artists are considered consignors rather than contractors under our business model, so 1099 forms are not provided. A record of your UGallery sales will always be available to you so you can report your own earnings.
  25. Who owns the rights to my artwork once it is sold?
    You retain the rights to your art after it is sold.
  26. Who should I contact with additional questions?
    You may reach out to our Artist Engagement team at Please note that we cannot accept artist applications via email, and we do not take phone calls from applicants. If you are accepted to exhibit with UGallery, you will have an opportunity to ask questions over the phone during an on-boarding call. Please do not email with questions answered above, as we will not respond to these inquiries.

Customer FAQ

  1. May I return a piece of artwork if it does not meet my expectations?
    We want you to love your new art, so if a piece doesn't quite work in your space, return it within seven days of receiving your order and we'll issue you a refund for the price of the art. Art must be returned in its original packaging. We will pay for return shipping on pieces measuring up to 50 inches on the longest side. For artwork longer than 50 inches, we'll issue you a refund on the price of the art minus a return shipping fee of $300. For orders shipped outside of the United States, you are responsible for the cost of return shipping and any customs and brokerage fees charged upon return. At this time, there are no returns on special orders or artwork that is altered at the request of the customer.
  2. How do I return a piece of artwork?
    Our return process is easy. When you first receive your purchase, save the original packaging. Repackage the art in its original box and contact us at or (415) 742-8417. We will then issue you a prepaid FedEx shipping label to affix to the box and ship from any FedEx location. Items must be shipped via FedEx within seven days of receiving the order. If you live outside of the United States, please see below for the return procedure. Art that is returned damaged will not be refunded. Photographs that are returned wrinkled, dented, or smudged due to mishandling will incur a handling fee based on the size of the piece.
  3. If I live outside of the United States, how do I return a piece of artwork?
    When you first receive your purchase, save the original packaging. Repackage the art in its original box and contact us at or (415) 742-8417. We will provide you with the return shipping address so that you can ship the artwork with the carrier of your choosing. You are responsible for the cost of return shipping and any customs and brokerage fees charged upon return. Items must be shipped within seven days of receiving the order.
  4. What should I do if I receive a damaged piece of art?
    We package all artwork in custom built art boxes to insure safe delivery, so receiving damaged art is a rare occurrence. If you receive a damaged piece of art, contact us within 24 hours at or (415) 742-8417. Please save the box and all packaging material; we must have these items in order to process the claim.
  5. How much does shipping cost within the United States?
    We proudly offer free shipping to any location in the United States. Free shipping is automatically applied – no minimum purchase, coupons or promotion codes are required.
  6. Do you ship internationally?
    Yes. We are happy to ship artwork to any destination in the world. Please note, art shipped outside of the United States may take two to four weeks for delivery, depending on the destination country. Additionally, artwork may be subject to duties, taxes and/or fees. Please consult your local customs office for more details about duties and taxes.
  7. How much does shipping cost to send art outside of the United States?
    For artwork shipped outside of the United States, shipping costs vary based on the size of the art, the destination country, and the packing materials needed to safely transport the art. You may find the exact shipping cost of a piece by adding it to your shopping cart or by contacting us at (415) 742-8417 or
  8. How do you ship artwork?
    All artwork is packaged in custom built art boxes to insure safe delivery. Our boxes are lined with high density foam to protect your art. The foam construction also makes unpackaging quick and easy - no packing peanuts, no mess. We send art via FedEx, UPS and other common carriers. All artwork is shipped fully insured. Please note, a signature is not required for delivery unless you request that your art be delivered with a signature.
  9. Once I purchase a piece of art, how many days will it take to arrive?
    Artwork is typically shipped within seven to ten business days. Once your artwork is shipped, please allow three to six more business days. You will receive an email with a tracking number so that you can see exactly when your art will arrive. If you need artwork delivered on a tight deadline, please contact us before placing your order at so that we can arrange expedited shipping.
  10. Do you offer payment plans for purchasing artwork?
    We offer several payment plan options. Please call us at (415) 742-8417 or email us at for more details. We are happy to work with you to find the best way for you to acquire new art.
  11. What type of artwork do you exhibit?
    UGallery exhibits original art created by top new and established artists from across the country. We display most two-dimensional and three-dimensional mediums.
  12. How is artwork chosen for UGallery?
    We represent a group of the nation’s most talented artists. UGallery’s panel of curators, headed by our gallery director Alex Farkas, selects each artist and every piece we exhibit. Our curators are art business professionals who select the highest quality work for exhibition.
  13. How do I search for and purchase art at UGallery?
    At the top of every page, you will find a keyword search bar and search links organized by medium, style, collection, size, color, artist, new art and gift center. You can either type a category into the keyword search bar or click on the search links to find art listed in that grouping. To purchase a piece of art, simply click the "purchase" button at the right of the piece and follow the onscreen directions.
  14. What forms of payment do you accept? Will I be charged tax?
    UGallery accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. Tax is charged on orders shipped to California.
  15. If I buy a piece of art and then UGallery holds a sale, may I have the discount applied to my purchase?
    Yes. We are happy to honor discounts within seven days of your purchase date and refund you the difference. This does not apply to artwork that was purchased at a discount.
  16. What is the Ulog section on an artist’s portfolio page? How do I use this feature?
    The Ulog section on each artist's portfolio page is a place for you to ask questions and leave comments for the artist. In order to use the Ulog feature, you must first register with UGallery by picking a username and selecting a password. Once you have registered, simply click the add entry button on the Ulog to ask questions and share your thoughts.
  17. What does “limited edition” and “open edition” mean?
    Certain pieces of artwork on UGallery, mostly photography and printmaking, are labeled as either “limited edition” or “open edition”. Pieces that are in a limited edition are produced in a set limited quantity. Open edition artworks are not limited in quantity and can be reproduced indefinitely. In both cases, each piece in the edition is identical and is considered an original. Limited edition works are generally more valuable because of the limited number available.
  18. May I speak with the artists represented by UGallery?
    UGallery features a forum called Ulog on every artist’s portfolio page so that you can speak directly with artists. We encourage you to ask questions and leave comments.
  19. Does UGallery provide framing services?
    We offer framing for all photographs on UGallery. If you are interested in framing for any other piece, please contact us at and we'd be happy to help you find a framer.
  20. Does UGallery have a physical gallery location?
    We do not operate a physical gallery, however we regularly participate in art fairs and put on temporary shows. If you would like information about our next event, please sign up at the bottom of the page for our newsletter.
  21. How can I contact UGallery?
    Email: Telephone: (415) 742-8417 Office hours: Monday through Friday 9 AM EST to 5 PM EST
  22. How does UGallery price artwork?
    Artwork is priced using artist input and the expertise of our curators. When artists submit images of their work, they are asked to enter desired prices for each piece. That price is then compared to UGallery’s curator appraisal. We take pride in our ability to fairly and accurately price art.
  23. Is the artwork exhibited at UGallery a financial investment?
    UGallery encourages art patrons to purchase artwork for enjoyment and aesthetic values. However, art can be a financial investment as the demand for a particular artist and/or piece of artwork grows. For more information regarding this subject, refer to the MEI/Moses Fine Art Index explaining the appreciation of art as a financial investment.
  24. I am interested in commissioning a piece of art but have never done so. Where do I begin?
    Commissioning art is a fun and unique experience. No matter if you are a first-time art buyer or a seasoned collector, UGallery is here to make the process easy and enjoyable. The following five FAQs will give you an overview of the process. If you have an idea for a special artwork, send us an email at or give us a call at (415) 742-8417 and we can discuss the next steps.
  25. How much will it cost to commission an artwork?
    Commissioned pieces are priced based on the size, medium, and complexity of the piece, and the artist's sales history. Commissioned artworks will be more than comparable pieces in the artist's portfolio [in terms of size and medium]. This is due to the fact that the artist must spend time to consult with you about the project, create any necessary preliminary sketches, and take time away from their normal art practice to create your commission.
  26. Do I pay for commissioned artwork before or after the piece is complete? May I return a piece I've commissioned?
    Before the artist begins working on your commission, we take a 50% non-refundable deposit. This assures that the artist will be paid for their time and materials. Once the piece is complete, we will send you a high resolution image of the work. If you accept it, we will charge your credit card the remaining 50% and ship the piece to you. If for some reason you are not entirely satisfied when you see the image, we can work with the artist to make small changes. There are no returns once you take possession of the art.
  27. How long does it take to commission an artwork?
    The time will vary depending on the size, medium, and complexity of the piece, and the artist's schedule, but typically commissions take ten to twelve weeks to complete.
  28. When commissioning an artwork, can I have the artist work from a photo? What if i don't have a photo for them to work from?
    Photographs are great reference material when commissioning an artwork. If you don't have a photograph, it's not a problem. You will have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with the artist to describe exactly what you are looking for.
  29. When commissioning an artwork, what kind of contact will I have with the artist and UGallery?
    Before the artist begins working on your project, you will have a special consultation with the artist and UGallery to explain exactly what you'd like. Once the artist begins working, we will update you as the piece progresses from initial sketch to finished masterpiece. UGallery is always available to answer questions about your piece and the process, and we can arrange any meetings you'd like to have with the artist along the way.
  30. How do I use the UGallery Registry feature?
    To set up a UGallery Registry, simply complete the sign up form at You will be prompted to create a unique URL identifier that you can send to your guests (ex. As you browse art on UGallery, click the gold "Add to Registry" button on artwork pages to add pieces to your list. Share your custom URL and we will notify you by email when art is purchased for you. The UGallery Registry provides three ways for your guests to purchase art from your registry: 1. Buy a piece of art 2. Contribute to a piece (”group gifting”) 3. Buy a UGallery gift card

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